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Pro-Tip Tuesday: Identifying Good-Quality Upholstered Pieces

12 Mar
Design With Consignment cheetah chair

Don’t be distracted by the cheetah, check your zippers!

Finding the perfect couch or chair can be tough, especially if you’re on a budget.  So how to tell a quality piece of upholstered furniture?  It turns out that like clothing, the best stuff has pockets and wraps your padding a little bit. This week’s Pro Tip is inspired by Lisa Gaynor, of Design With Consignment.

Pro Tip

There are several telltale signs of good craftsmanship in an upholstered piece, but some are difficult to assess without excessive poking and prodding that may get you banned from the furniture store.  Here are two quick checks to help you find a gem:

  • Zipper pocket Check the zippers on the cushions. Are the tab ends hidden in little pockets?  If so, someone’s taken the extra time to be sure that the zipper tabs don’t chew up your sofa material.
  • Look for a fabric-wrapped foam insert.  This will make the cushion fit more smoothly in the decorative cover and will make it last longer too.