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The Creativity Fairy Stormed Off in a Huff

13 Jun

I wanted to make a topiary.  I love (indoor) topiaries; they’re a fun way to add a little green to the house without watering or shears.  It seemed like it should be easy.  I wanted one that seemed a little more natural, not the plastic-leaved ones you see sometimes.  So I thought – do one with moss!  A little edgier, more natural.

Well, after making a compete disaster out of the dining-room table, and about 97 trips to Hobby Lobby, I ended up with…this.

It looks like a moldy cake ball.  My husband walked by and, ever the gentleman, didn’t say a word.  Now I’m sure I can do something to it to make it look better, but as I mentioned in the headline, my Creativity Fairy took one look at the thing sitting there on the armoire and marched right out of the room.  She’s disgusted.

So, I’ll wait for her to come back and keep you posted.  In the meantime, I’m open to suggestions!