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Pro-Tip Tuesday: Update Your Wall with Nailhead Trim

5 Feb

Many of us are faced with the harsh realities of a big blank wall and nothing to put on it.  Sure, a Picasso would be nice, but what if it has to go on the other wall? To help us with this conundrum we turned to this week’s pro, Noelle Mercado of True Interiors.

Pro Tip

Nailhead trim on wall

This design adds significant punch to the room without a lot of cost.

Use large nailheads (available in Austin at Capital Upholstery Supply among other places) to create texture on a wall.  Nailheads come in multiple sizes and finishes, from shiny nickel to aged bronze.  In the examples to the right, True Interiors defined a large boring wall with a wash of dark green, then created the texture with large bronze nailheads.  Be sure to mark out your pattern first, so that it comes out looking crisp and even.

We’re using some nailhead trim in our Home Office Makeover, so we can share first-hand how easy it is as soon as we prove it to ourselves!

Aubergine is the New Black (Or: Color Trends for 2013)

27 Nov

Aubergine sounds better than eggplant.

Apparently so is lavender and neon green, or so say the experts at Sherwin-Williams.

I had coffee today with a friend whom I met the way that many 40-somethings meet new friends – soccer.  I am totally not a soccer (step) mom, but we did make the kids do it for a few seasons and I met Noelle on the sidelines.  Anyway, Noelle owns the design firm True Interiors, and she recently went to a La-di-da luncheon put on by the paint people who shared the color trends for 2013.

Predicting color trends is fascinating to me, and at some point we may have to dive deeper in to the sociology of it.  But for today I thought I’d share the four palettes and Noelle’s and my insightful comments.

Midnight Mystery (or as we called it: Modern Gothic)

MIdnight Mystery

Explore your dark side.

Dark, moody colors, gothic-y Victorian aesthetic, industrial touches like exposed workings.  Think Robert Downey Junior’s Sherlock Holmes (swoon) or the recent Batman.  Apparently it’s also inspired by Steampunk, which I had to look up.

Vintage Moxie (Noelle says think “Austin Powers”)

Vintage Moxie

Retro fun.

Mid-century pastels like lavender, mint and aqua.  Much softer and more feminine than the Midnight Mystery palette, but not wimpy.  Some of you guys might have trouble with this one, but I think you could put Darkroom, Independent Gold and Radiant Lilac together and have a slammin’ bachelor pad.

High Voltage (or super-saturated neons)

High Voltage

Not for the faint of heart.

Bam!  No pansy colors here.  Well actually pansies are kind of bright really, but you know what I mean.  Electric Lime, Exuberant Pink, Calypso.  Noelle mentioned that she’d found this super-cool electroluminescent wire that she wanted to use in her son’s room to spell out his name.  It would be perfect for this color scheme. It is also great for “raves” according to the website.  You know you’re planning one.

Honed Vitality (this season’s “nature” palette; more sunset than forest)

Honed Vitality

Calm and relaxing.

I’m sure the Sherwin-Williams people would tell me I’m wrong, but this reminds me of the southwestern phase we went through in the ’80s  (when I say “we” I mean “some people”, of course I was quite young in the ’80’s). Sandy, rusty, warm colors with pops of sky blue.  Meant to be quiet and restful to help us calm down from our busy lives.

Apparently Green is Not the New Black

All pretty interesting, but here’s my problem; where’s the green?  Sure, each one has some nod to green, but it’s really just a very slight inclination of the head, the sort of acknowledgement you’d give to a blackjack dealer if you wanted more cards and you were terribly cool.  Green is my favorite color, and none of these do it for me.  Give me some emerald, sage, avocado or forest, please.  Even a teal would do.  It looks like I will have to stay behind the curve for one more year.

So tell us, what’s your favorite?

P.S. Here are a couple of fun projects from Noelle.  The headboard is made from old shutters salvaged for $16 at the Habitat Re-Store; the wall design is made from large upholstery tacks.  Brilliant!

True Interiors Examples

Great, inexpensive ideas.

P.S.S. Since this post is about color, I’d just like to say that we should all start spelling it the British way: colour.  It is so much better.  But I’ll look pretentious if I’m the only Yank doing it, so I need you all to help me out here.