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Pro-Tip Tuesday: Right-Sizing Your Rug

19 Mar
Tiny Rug

Even too small for Pookie!

As with clothing, size in a rug can make a statement.  Just imagine how much more elegant Snooki would look if her clothes weren’t too tiny.  OK, bad example.

So while a too-small rug may not convey the same message that a too-small outfit does, it certainly doesn’t do much for your room. To help us understand how to right-size our rugs, we were inspired by Jan Griffin of Griffin Interior Makeovers in Austin.

Pro Tip

When you’re looking for a rug, be sure the size complements your furniture and room arrangement.  The perfect rug should connect all the major pieces of furniture in your room, i.e. sofas, chairs and large coffee tables.  The rug should go at least a few inches under the front legs of each piece.

Here is a before and after example from Griffin Interior Makeovers:

Griffin Interior Makeovers 2

Griffin Interior Makeovers 1

Don’t have a big enough rug? Consider layering a large one under your smaller rug to anchor the room.  See more idea for rug layering in our Cheap Tricks post.

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