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Just Like a Great Date: Cheap, Fun and Good-looking

16 Jul

After the topiary debacle I was a little nervous to connect with the Creativity Fairy again, but I saw this project in a Better Homes and Gardens and it looked pretty safe.

These are some of the best ones; lots didn’t make it to the wall!

These “paintings” were incredibly easy and fun to do.  I practiced first with some cheap copier paper, but the final versions are on nice watercolor paper.

All you need is paper, spray paint and some leaves or flowers.  I wandered around the yard and tried all sorts of things.  You can see that the very cool allium seedheads actually didn’t work too well. The things that worked best had larger leaves and laid relatively flat.

A lorapetalum branch worked great.

Allium seedhead

This great allium seedhead was too airy, the paint just went right through.

Take your branch and lay it on the paper, flattening out a few leaves but not all; the paint seeping under some of the leaves is actually an important part of the ethereal look.

Lightly spray the paper with your paint can, moving it back and forth.  I picked up the leaves and moved them around in a couple of places, specifically with the parsley.  This left some of the shadows a little lighter than others. I also heavied-up in a few places to increase the feeling of depth. These were done with a pewter-colored paint, but you could use almost any color.

Experimenting with different plants

Here are a few of my experiments.

And that’s it! I’m looking for some good frames and may do some matting; I’ll post pictures when they’re all done.

It’s a cheap experiment and a fun thing to do with the kids.

Let us know if you try it!  We don’t support photos in the comments right now, but you can link to an external photo page to show your handiwork.

Update: See the finished product with frames.

The Creativity Fairy Stormed Off in a Huff

13 Jun

I wanted to make a topiary.  I love (indoor) topiaries; they’re a fun way to add a little green to the house without watering or shears.  It seemed like it should be easy.  I wanted one that seemed a little more natural, not the plastic-leaved ones you see sometimes.  So I thought – do one with moss!  A little edgier, more natural.

Well, after making a compete disaster out of the dining-room table, and about 97 trips to Hobby Lobby, I ended up with…this.

It looks like a moldy cake ball.  My husband walked by and, ever the gentleman, didn’t say a word.  Now I’m sure I can do something to it to make it look better, but as I mentioned in the headline, my Creativity Fairy took one look at the thing sitting there on the armoire and marched right out of the room.  She’s disgusted.

So, I’ll wait for her to come back and keep you posted.  In the meantime, I’m open to suggestions!