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9 Cool Things in Fredericksburg – Furniture, Wine and Wildflowers (Part Two)

17 Apr

As you will undoubtedly recall, Mr. Handsome and I took a trip out to Fredericksburg in December to enjoy some R&R and do a little scouting for our loyal followers.  For such a small town, it really is amazing how much great stuff there is to see out there.  If you haven’t been in a while, you’ll find it has definitely evolved –with some funkier stores alongside the traditional ones, more art galleries and a new focus on wine. You had me at “wine”.

Since we’re having a late and impressive wildflower season (according to the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center), it seems the perfect time to share the rest of the highlights from our trip.  Be sure to check out Part One for the first five finds.

Phil Jackson’s Amazing World of Things

Phil Jackson's Amazing World of Things

I want to have a “World of Things” store someday.

I included this mostly because I loved “Amazing World of Things”.  I think the real name of the store is “Phil Jackson’s Granite and Stone Store”, but that’s boring (although I suppose more descriptive).  Combining the promise of both names, there is some amazing granite in this store.  There was one sea-blue granite table that I just wanted to lie on.  Given the multiple children in our house, one of the first things we wondered is what would happen if the table tipped over.  For normal people that would probably be almost impossible, but I bet a 12 year-old boy could do it in about 15 minutes.

Lincoln Street

Lincoln Street Wine Bar FredericksburgA friend of mine got married out in The Burg several years ago, and the night before the wedding most of us ended up at Lincoln Street.  It was one of those magical nights of wine and good friends, and I have a huge soft spot in my heart for that place.  When Mr. Handsome and I went out for our first romantic weekend together, I took him there and now it’s de riguer.  The best time to go is in the winter (or as we say in Texas, “winter”), when you can sit by the big outdoor fireplace with your glass of wine and chocolate truffles.  But the inside is cozy as well, exactly how I think a wine bar should be.  And of course the wine selection is great.

Double R Dry Goods

Double R Dry Goods stoveThis is one of the more traditional old-school Fredericksburg  stores, with lots of Hill Country-style stuff but also plenty of kitchy finds . From boots to taxidermy, you can get your Texana fill here.

Check out this amazing refurbished old stove – they had several. I don’t know where I’d put one or what I’d burn in it, but I want it.  Imagine the weenie roasts you could have with this thing!  You’d have to have a silver-plated stick though.

Galleria 19 Fine Art

galeria_19_fine_art_fredericksburgWe also wandered in to an gallery in the west end, which is becoming the “art” section of town.  We chatted for a while with Jesse, who recently moved the gallery from Mexico (quite a change!).  They chose Fredericksburg because of the growing art and wine community.  The gallery features more international artists than many of the traditional galleries in town, but still has a nod to the P.S. There is an artwalk every first Friday, and the galleries stay open till 8! Let’s hope this catches on; it’s very frustrating to watch the sidewalks roll up at 5 on a Saturday.  I mean, we’re practically elderly but even we can shop till 8.

So. gas up the car and head on out!  Be sure to tell us if you find any more great places, we’d love to hear about them.


Miss Part One?  Read it here.

9 Cool Things in Fredericksburg (Part One: Gift Ideas)

5 Dec
Didn't see any longhorns!


Last weekend was time for a little post-Thanksgiving, pre-Christmas getaway.  Since time was tight, we decided to head out to Fredericksburg and kill two birds with one stone: bird 1) relax, bird 2) research for an eventual Fredericksburg section on the Market. We hadn’t been out in about 6 years, and things have changed quite a bit. For one thing, there are about 1000 wineries out there now.  Well, OK, maybe not 1000, but more than there were before.  And we’re all for that!  This trip we didn’t stop to take a tour, because we had a shopping and rockin’ agenda (to be covered in Part 2), but next time we will.

Since it was a quick overnight we didn’t get very far off the beaten path, but we still managed to be reminded of why The Burg is such a mecca for home goods.  We made a few other discoveries as well, and this week we’re sharing a few that offer unique gift ideas.


Birdcage lamp

Not made from antlers, but that’s OK.

If you think Fredericksburg is all antler art and bluebonnet paintings (of which there are plenty and we’re not complaining) then Red will come as either a welcome surprise or somewhat of a shock.  But this super-cool, vintage-meets-rustic-meets-modern store on Main Street suggests a change in Fredericksburg.  Lots of reclaimed-type and mid-century stuff, plus a great selection of smaller gifty items.

Gift Idea: The nifty 3D cardboard animals.

D’Vine Wine

Divine Wine

First stop, wine!

As we were driving in we noticed all the new vineyards, but also that the vines were pretty young (being wine connoisseurs, we can tell this type of thing, naturally).  So this winery buys grapes from elsewhere, but makes the wine right there.  We did the 6-sip tasting and ended up buying a bottle of the Broken Spoke Red, which we loved.  I don’t see it listed on their website, so maybe it’s available only in the store, but we also loved the sangiovese if you want to try to order something.

Gift Idea: You can actually custom-order wine! Pick the type you want (with their expert guidance), design a label, then come back in a month or two to bottle and label it with the staff. You can bring a friend or two and make it a party.  What a great gift this would be for the oneophile in your life.

Amish Market


Fine furniture and cheese.

I wouldn’t have thought I would have been so smitten with this store, but I was.  I appreciate the simple lines of typical Amish/Mennonite furniture, but it’s not usually my style.  But the stuff they  had in this store was so beautifully crafted, I had to reconsider.  The thing that struck me most was not the quality of the wood (which was exceptional) but the quality of the finish.  It was like satin, which sounds cliche, but it really did feel that soft and smooth.  As someone who has tried do do a little refinishing, I was impressed.

Gift Idea: All sorts of Amish food treats, try the sweet onion cheese.

It’s aGlow

Honeycomb calcite candle

All this glow from a tealight!

I’m a sucker for rocks, the mineral room is always my favorite at the Natural History Museum. So of course this store caught my attention – all they sell are items made from Honeycomb Calcite.  They had an assortment of items, but from my perspective the best use is as a faux candle.  See, I am not sure I approve of battery-operated candles that are all the rage right now, call me Amish.  On the other hand, I am tired of tealights constantly blowing out on my outdoor lanterns and drippy wax on my candleholders.  So these calcite things (really, they’re just cylinders) allow you to use a real tealight, but somehow they amplify the light while also protecting the flame from the wind.  I bought two just to test, but I think I’m going to get a whole bunch of them and use them exclusively from now on.  Plus, no fake vanilla scent.

Gift Idea: The whole store.



You can sort of see the doors in this picture…

I am so in love.  This furniture store-gallery-bistro somewhat defies definition (although I guess I did an OK  job right there) and also is definitely not of the old-Fredericksburg mold.  The first things that stopped me cold on the street were the massive front doors; they were just incredible and I’m so sorry I didn’t get a better picture for you.  Drawn in as if mesmerized, I wandered through the main level trying to look as if I could afford some of the fantastic pieces in the furniture gallery.  I floated down the iron-railed staircase to discover the wine store and bistro, only to be devastated to discover they only served dinner on Mondays (by reservation).  I was so distraught that I didn’t even realize there was a gallery on the upper floor.  Our next trip will definitely include a Monday night.

Gift Idea: Make reservations for the Monday night dinner, then walk a few doors down and stay at Eden’s Gate.

Don’t miss Part Two; in which there is more wine and shopping!