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Pro-Tip Tuesday: Framing Vintage Fabric

25 Feb
Framed vintage fabric

Saved! From becoming yet another pillow, or worse, getting stuck in the closet.

For those fabriholics among us (and you know who you are), you may often wonder if you’ve hit the upper limit of pillows you can make for yourself .  Or you may have hit the wall already and have begun to make them for your friends, but not everyone has the taste to appreciate that toile depicting the Battle of the Bulge (where did you find that anyway?) If you’ve still got fantastic yardage left and have been banned from making pillows, we’ve got a solution for you.  This week’s Pro Tip is inspired by Jean Heath, proprietrix of Uptown Modern on Burnet Road.

Pro Tip

Turn your hoarded vintage fabric in to art by framing it.  The one above gracing Uptown Modern’s walls is stretched over a simple wooden frame available at hobby and craft stores. Grab a staple gun and start with one side, securing it in a nice, straight line.  Then gently stretch the fabric to the other side and staple, starting from the middle.  It may take a time or two to get the tension right so that you don’t have any sags or overly tight areas, but fortunately staples are easily removed.  You know, just in case the moratorium on pillows gets lifted.

See a few other ides below:

Framed vintage fabric

This solution uses up even more!

Framed, embroidered vintage fabric

This one was embellished with some embroidery to make it more dimensional.

Victorian frame vintage fabric

Great Victorian frame sets this fabric off.