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Lighting is Like Jewelry for Your Home (TM)

5 Nov

Every time I say this people nod in agreement, as if this isn’t a completely original idea. But I’m still going to trademark it. I’ve always loved lighting; lamps, chandeliers, sconces, everything.  The funny thing is, we have some very boring lighting fixtures at our house.  The way the building schedule ended up, we had to pick the lighting the week we were supposed to leave for our  honeymoon and I wasn’t willing to rush something so important.  I sent Mr. Handsome out to just pick some basics, and we’ve lived with them ever since.  Gah.


Lamp or weapon? It’s both!

So I was especially excited to have D&W Lighting come on as a retail partner to the Market.  D&W has been around for 30 years. They’ve re-wired a fixture for me and also created this super-awesome lamp from an estate-sale candlestick. Although I was  tempted to leave it as a candlestick by my bedside, in case any bad guys broke in.  You could brain some bad guys really good with this candlestick.

Hard to see in this pic, but the etched glass encases a three-light fixture.

Having the right hanging light or lamp can really make a room.  You can be a little funky and get away with it, like wearing silver earrings with gold shoes (see the jewelry connection?  right???).  It’s the chance to bring in a little bling or be playful.

Here’s my current favorite at D&W, which I think needs go in my bathroom . There is something especially elegant about having a great lighting fixture in your bathroom. Besides the the fun factor there’s, you know, flattering light.

Check out D&W’s Storefront on the Market, they’ve got some great stuff here but they can also make almost anything; from a custom chandelier to a candlestick lamp.  They also can match a lampshade to any lamp you’ve got!

We’re trying to convince them to do a “make your own lamp” workshop…comment if you’re interested and we’ll wear them down!