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Pro-Tip Tuesday: To Reupholster or Not to Reupholster?

6 Mar
Ambrose upholstery chrome vintage chairs

Totally worth it!

Considering whether or not to reupholster a piece of furniture can fill you with more angst than Hamlet.  It seems like a good idea (we’re all for restoring and reusing after all) but it it can sometimes be more expensive than just buying new, especially with a sofa.  Turns out all that fabric and stuffing can get expensive.  So we turned to Dennis Ambrose, of Ambrose Upholstery, who inspired this week’s Pro Tip.

Pro Tip

When deciding if a piece is worthy of reupholstering, consider a few things.

* Is the frame sturdy?  If there are some wobbles, be sure that a few minutes with a screwdriver can fix it and it’s not a structural problem (cracked or weakened wood).
* Is it classic?  Your new fabric will last 10 or 15 years, will you still want the piece then?
* How big is it?  Good fabric isn’t cheap, expect to pay $15-50 a yard and a typical sofa can require up to 20.
* But most importantly, do you love it?  If you do, it’s probably worth it, especially if it’s a sentimental piece.

If you’ve decided to make the commitment, take it to a good upholsterer like Ambrose Upholstery, or consider trying to do it yourself!  Austin Upholstery Studio and Spruce both offer classes on upholstery so you can turn your grandmother’s chair in to something you can pass on to your own kids.

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