Pro-Tip Tuesday: How to Mix Patterns

16 Jul
Mixed patterns fashion

Few of us can pull this off: for several reasons….

Mixing pattens can be difficult.  Flip through fashion magazines and you’ll see skinny, gorgeous, stylish people walking around in stripes with paisley looking like they just stepped out of some wildly hip coffee shop that you’d be afraid to order a latte in (latte is so last week).  Ditto with the home mags, somehow the pros can throw 12 patterns together and still come up with a room that  you might actually pay someone to design.  Most of us try it ourselves and end up with, well, last week’s latte.

Pro Tip

This week’s Tip is inspired by the the stylish folks at Decorum Home. We visited Beth Beach and Christopher Beach last week and got some sage advice on how to combine patterns without embarrassing yourself.

Do: Stay in the same color family.  Leave mixing green and pink stripes with blue paisley and taupe polka-dots to the pros.  The combination below is great because while the patterns are very different, they’re all in the same color family.  My only suggestion would be to add a pop of one more color in a few places (probably a solid) just to mix things up.

How to mix patterns: Do

Geometric, floral and solid, but with similar colors. A Do!

Don’t: Use similar scale.  These two could go together if one was much bigger, but they’re too busy together as they are.

Pattern mixing Don't

These could give you a headache if used too close together.

Below is an example of pattern-matching done right; similar color palette, a mix of textures and pattern sizes, good textures.  (P.S. if you love this, it’s all available at Decorum Home!)

Do: Mixing Patterns

Pattern-mixing Do!


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