West Austin Studio Tour: Pieces for our Personal Museum

26 Apr

The West Austin Studio Tour starts this weekend, and it’s a must-do.  We went last year and could have started our own personal museum with all the delicious stuff we found*; and we only made it through about a quarter of it!  Of course there is a lot of great decorative art, but since we’re furniture buffs I figured we’d focus on stops where you can see items you can sit upon without getting beaten by the artist.

Reworks Austin reclaimed console

One of my favorite pieces from Reworks.

Our first stop will be the Reworks studio to visit our friends Chotsie and Willem. These two are New Orleans transplants who came to Austin after Katrina; their work is inspired by the amazing architecture of the city, and often includes pieces reclaimed from buildings .  I was over there earlier this week and got some snaps of some of their pieces; you’ll soon be able to find it on the Market. Storefront is up!

*Note that when we do start a museum, we’ll also start the Erichope Industries Center For Kids Who Can’t Draw Good And Wanna Learn To Do Other Stuff Good Too


Here’s are some of the stops we’re hoping to make over the next 2 weekends, the numbers are page numbers from the catalog. Let us know if we’ve missed any other great finds! (Please excuse the ugly layout, I’ve spent hours trying to make the pictures line up and they just won’t.)

UPDATE: Had a ton of fun on Saturday, can’t wait to go back this weekend!  Our favorites so far were at the “yard” at 7th street, stops 128, 129, 130.  See some pics on Pinterest!

Blacksmith Industries Austin

56 – Blacksmith Studios

Aaris Studio Austin

57 – Aaris Studios

Bald Man Mod Austin

61 – Bald Man Mod

Reclaimed  Austin coffee table

82B – Reclaimed Austin

Jobe Fabrications Austin

145B – Jobe Fabrications

Green Summit Studios Austin

124 – Green Summit Studios

Hemza Designs Austin

130 – Hemza Designs

John Parkinson Furniture Austin

175C – John Parkinson Furniture
These chairs are killing me…

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