Before and After: Transforming More Than Just Space

12 Oct

I have just recently learned to understand and appreciate real estate staging.  Yes, I realize that’s not the same as coming to appreciate my own mortality (which I don’t), but it was an eye-opener just the same.

We listed our rental house over the summer and our realtor suggested we have it staged.  I was skeptical, but Nora is always right, so I said sure.  I was even more skeptical when all this random furniture showed up in the garage.  However, the transformation was amazing. A bid was put on it almost immediately, and at the closing the buyers mentioned that the staging was a big part of the appeal.


The “before”.

So given what these miracle-workers can do with a suburban tract home, it’s not surprising that they can pull something special off when it’s for a really good cause.  The Austin chapter of the IAHSP recently swooped  in and transformed a cottage for some 17- and 18-year old girls who are living at the Settlement Home.

If you’ve found Red Chair Market, you likely understand how profoundly one’s physical environment can affect mental and emotional health.  For many of us, finding that fabulous chair to fill an empty corner or the perfect shade of chartreuse for the powder room can bring us a warm glow for weeks. For the young women at the Settlement Home, who have all been through some serious traumas in their young lives, just having a safe place to live is a blessing.  But to have it designed with thought and care in to a truly “pretty” space is another step in their own transformation in to trusting and productive adults.

Here are a few pictures before and after.  I spoke to the President of the Association, Richard Kline, and he described why the association chose the project and the reaction from the girls during the “big reveal”.


After the transformation.

“These young women have worked very hard to reach this stage in their development. We wanted to do what we could to brighten their environment – and they were thrilled with the results. There were very few dry eyes in the room.”

The Settlement Home has done amazing work supporting young women in difficult family situations.  I encourage you to visit their site and learn more about them.  And if you’re selling a home, or even just need a professional eye for a quick update, find a local stager to help you recreate your own space.
P. S. Shop AND support the Settlement Home at the annual Charity Garage Sale.  Get tickets to the Preview Party for first dibs!

One Response to “Before and After: Transforming More Than Just Space”

  1. Elizabeth Pope October 12, 2012 at 8:58 pm #

    It turned out soo cute! Love it!

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