Indoor Plant Decor: No Parlor Palms Here

5 Oct
Jenny Peterson

Beautiful, smart and funny…no fair.

I had lunch with the wonderful Jenny Peterson today at the Elizabeth Street Cafe (yum! and gorgeous).  Jenny is an Austin garden designer, writer, blogger and friend.  She helped me design my own front garden, although I did all the planting myself (well, OK, that hunky guy that hangs around did a little, but only the heavy stuff).  We had so much fun that I had her back to help me with the back yard.  You can see some pics here.

Jenny and friend Kylee Baumlee are writing a book on indoor plant decor due out in April 2013.  Apparently, indoor gardening is THE new thing.  I have been an indoor gardener for years (you know me, always ahead of the curve), meaning I have had plants in the house and have generally managed to keep them alive. However, apparently just having live plants around doesn’t really count as Indoor Plant Decor.  I tried a terrarium last year that turned out almost as bad as the topiary. The stuff she’s showing in the book is true design.

Book Cover

Available April 2013! Pre-order through Amazon.

She’s got the book divided in to chapters that cover 8 decor styles (including vintage, modern eclectic, ethnic), with amazing examples in each.  For those of you modernists who eschew indoor plants because you think they’re all parlor palms, you are in for a glorious surprise.  There are even some topiaries done beautifully, much to my shame.

Sample from the book

A sample design from the book, from Austin’s own Articulture Designs.


If you’ve had better luck with your indoor plant decor than I have, then think about entering their contest.  Through October 20th, submit your photos of your work to Jenny and Kylee, and up to three winners will have their submissions included in the book!  Think of the prestige, you can finally go back to your high-school reunion with your head held high.

3 Responses to “Indoor Plant Decor: No Parlor Palms Here”

  1. jpeterson63 October 5, 2012 at 9:30 pm #

    Oh, thank you, Anita! I so appreciate your kind words! It was great meeting up with you to talk about plants, books, business and life. And so happy to be included here at Red Chair Market!


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