What a Difference a Frame Makes

19 Aug
First try

First try, not bad but not great

For all of our loyal followers just dying to hear how the Just Like a Great Date project worked out, your wait is over.   I would have loved to have the prints custom-framed, but it is just really expensive.  So I found some nice simple frames at an art store and started experimenting.  It turned out that I needed to do a little customizing to make them really look good, but it was simple and inexpensive.

Second try

Better, the added dimension brings out some of the shading in the picture

My first try was just framing the prints with no background or matte, but that looked really boring.  So my first tweak was to buy a slightly larger frame that allowed for another sheet of the nice textured watercolor paper behind it.  Then I tore the edges of the print to give it some texture and stuck it in the frame.  Meh.

The final product

Bling always makes things better

So I thought I’d add some depth by putting some cardboard behind the picture to make it stand out a bit.  That helped, although it’s a bit hard to see in this photo.  But it still seemed a little blah.

Finally, I decided it needed some bling, so I got one of those paint pens and added little gold dots along the border (the frame actually has little raised dots, but they were hard to see).

Perfect!  The gold somehow brought the whole thing together.

Here they are all together, hanging on a formerly blank, boring wall in our bedroom.

These look especially great together, it reads as one piece of artwork.

Let me know if you decide to try this, I’d love to see some other efforts!
P. S. I finally found the Better Homes and Gardens project that originally inspired me.  They’ve used much brighter colors but the concept is the same.

Update: See more spray-paint projects!

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