More Creative Than Me

19 Jun

We recently attended the new West Austin Studio Tour, which was a lot of fun.  The studios range from traditional galleries like Wally Workman to a duplex with paintings hung on a shed in the backyard.  It was a great reminder that creativity comes in many forms.

One of our favorite stops was the home and studio of Elizabeth Chapin, a portrait artist, in South Austin.   Her work was wonderful, very full of life and a bit of mischief.

Unfinished portrait

But it was her house that was the real gem.  It is a fantastic, slightly dilapidated old Victorian, and it was decorated with such personality I couldn’t help but feel that my own style is a bit…pedestrian.   Everything was salvaged, painted, repurposed, original and just generally cool. I honestly don’t think I’m quite cool enough to live in a house like that, I think I’d have to have at least one room that was painted beige (although I’d call it “baguette” so I wouldn’t feel quite so lame).  But I very much appreciated her style and daring.

A rescued Victorian sofa, covered with an explosion of poppies.

Not sure what this was originally, but what a great way to store produce.

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